21st Century Education Technologies in FACS

Usually the goals of ED Tech grants are to enhance students’ technological growth.  The US government’s goal is to have students technologically literate by the eighth grade.   It seems like students are technologically advanced much earlier than the eighth grade; I have witnessed that the US department of Education has reached their goal throughout classrooms across the nation.

I read literature on Edmoto which is similar to bringing Facebook in the classroom.  It’s a good tool for teachers to make themselves accessible to students.  Animoto aids in making memories last on video and through pictures.  I am fond of Glogster because it allows students to share their artistic work while receiving comments from their viewers.  I find that a majority of creative students are introverts when it comes to sharing their work publicly. They need positive feedback for encouragement.

I would definitely incorporate modern technology in my FACS classroom to enhance the learning of my students.

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2 Responses to 21st Century Education Technologies in FACS

  1. I agree that students are more technically inclined. We just have to continue to show them how to use the technology for their educational benefit.

  2. sstevens says:

    Yes these students are very advanced with technology. Therefore we must continue to help the students be advanced at their work.

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