Elusive Goal

When I think about all the red tape I have to go through to complete an asssignment, it makes me feel like napping. To accomplish at least one master’s degree will complete a part of my life I always dreamed of. Everyone has responsibilities that have to be managed in order to reach their goals.  I constantly take deep breaths while I walk through the maze I characterize as my life. One step at a time is what I remind myself of so I won’t feel overwhelmed. 

Getting rid of clutter allows me to think clearly. Yes clutter, whether its in my mind or in front of me, I have to rid myself of it in order to achieve the goal I set for myself. The sky is the limit. As I keep reaching to the sky, the sun will shine in my maze to steer me through.

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3 Responses to Elusive Goal

  1. sstevens says:

    Oh My I love it Fatima, you keep your head above the water and you will keep your eyes on the prize. That I am sure of you go through that maze and remove that red tape. Yes You Do That!

  2. V coan says:

    That was inspiring! You’re doing great Fatima and you will soon be finished with your master’s!! Keep up all your hard work, it’s paying off. 🙂

  3. I love the characterization or life being a maze.Yes it is. Keep planning your work and working your plan. You will make it to the end of the maze.

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