Balancing Work and Family

Knowing that some of my educators and friends have balanced their lives and family to reach the goal I’m striving for, encourages me to the finish line. Whether it’s your own family or personal duties of a single person, it can still be overwhelming. If balance is absent from your life, the quality of your life is in danger. Although working hard and partying hard hasn’t worked for me in light of the pile of responsibilities I have. Finding time to laugh and enjoy precious moments with my children helps me so much.

I recently started utilizing all of my resources to make things happen for me. With help from my good friend, Shallah, she told me how many resources are on Queens College campus. This information was priceless. Nothing like good peers around you to encourage you, while you are both trying to accomplish common goals. Sometimes I felt like I was neglecting my two younger boys because they need help with their homework. Finding out that there is a daycare center that has personnel who are equipped to help my children, was a blessing. My children are able to complete their homework assignments and eat dinner with amiable faculty at Queens College. This is something that I wasn’t able to do with them because of my commitment to my studies. No I feel like I don’t have to make a choice between my studies and my children. All of our immediate needs are being satisfied through the help of a friend sharing helpful information.

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3 Responses to Balancing Work and Family

  1. JBarnes says:

    Shallah is the GURU of Queens College! lol.. Yes Fatima, it is good to meet people and to simply ask questions. You never know what information they have that can help you or something you may know that will help them. Pay it forward!

  2. It is amazing the resources that you can find out by just inquiring. Peers are sometimes your best assest, as they may have experienced a situation similar to yours or may know someone in the same position.

  3. sstevens says:

    I am glad I was able to help out. Remeber pass on that information you have acquired to others who are in need. Good luck with you and your family

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