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I find the story of Greg Mortenson’s life interesting and courageous. For him to be in a part of the world that was tumultuous at the time of him building schools, I admire his passion. Reading Mortenson’s life story in “Three Cups of Tea” by him and colleage David Oliver Relin, empowers me to get things done that I feel need to be done to help others.

His courage to weather the storm through Afghanistan, the regions of Pakistan, through language barriers, and become amiable to opposing chiefs, is impeccable. I think that by him being taken care of by the Balti ethnic group in Pakistan, it drove him more towards getting the schools built. His prior fragile situation being deserted in the mountains later made him passionate.

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  1. Hi. Do you you know any of the students that attended any of the schools in Korphe?

  2. Facewell says:

    Nice Article. Thanks for it. Greetings from Germany. 🙂

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