Career Path

The reason I choose to become a Family and Consumer Science teacher began in Hillcrest High School when I made apricot tarts in cooking class.  This is when I learned how to cook and use measurement utensils to become a gourmet cook.   I wish.  I went to York College and received a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education.   In order to graduate I had to complete an internship so I volunteered at Elmhurst Hospital in the Social Work department with the Community Health Educators to become familiar with the type of environment I might work in.  After volunteering at the hospital, I received a call from the Associate Director of the Social Work department inviting me to become the Coordinator of the Smoking Cessation Research Program for the upcoming summer semester of 2007.  I agreed and enjoyed speaking to patients about their success in quitting smoking.  I gave out nicotine patches to the hospital population and on the campus of Queens College in the Student Union Building.

Upon entering Queens College as a Family and Consumer Science major I began working in the SEEK department at York College as a Counselor’s Assistant.   I work with the incoming freshman’s inside and outside the classroom making sure they know how to acclimate to the college environment.  I made sure the students knew how to use the college as a resource for success.  I also conducted workshops on how to register for the classes according to their majors.  Additionally I became a Supplemental Instructor at York College teaching the SEEK students self awareness and encouraging them to progress positively.

In conclusion, I’m inspired to be in a position that involves me helping and encouraging others with helping them pursue their  success.  Whether it’s an individual’s career, daily life style, or someone making a positive choice I like to be a part of it.  Learning starts from within.  Your mind doesn’t work if your heart is not there.

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  1. sstevens says:

    Your Career path has stemed from that orginal FACS classroom. I love what you wrote “learning starts from within” However, once we give a child the right foundation, a positive enviroment and with the correct tools the sky is the limit. Great Job

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